Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Windward Paintball only open Saturdays & Sundays? A: No! We are open Sat/Sun for walk-ons and reservations both, but are also available M-F, by reservation only (no walk-ons). To make a reservation call us at 808-348-6120.
Q: Where is Windward Paintball located exactly? A: We are located on Bellows Air Force Station in Waimanalo, on the old flight-line across from the group campsites (Click here for directions).
Q: Is there plenty of parking? A: Tons of parking.
Q: How do I get on base to come play? A: Anyone with a valid military ID, DOD civilian employee ID, and many veterans should have base access and be able to come play without issue. If you do not have any of these forms of ID (civilians, non DOD employees) you can either hitch a ride with a friend or family member who does have base access and they can sponsor you, or if you don’t know anyone with base access, give us a call (preferably in advance) and we’ll arrange a shuttle to/from the gate for you if possible. Any adults coming on base (military or not) must have a valid picture ID of some sort (drivers license, state ID, etc) and be U.S. Citizens.
Q: Can non US citizens come on base? A: For a non US citizen to come on base, somebody with base access must contact the security forces to get a list to submit to get a background check, this must be done at least 30 days ahead.
Q: Do I need a reservation to come play? A: Saturday and Sunday we are open from 9AM-4PM for both walk-ons, and reservations both. If you have a group, we do recommend making a reservation to ensure gear is set aside for you and so that you’re eligible for any group discounts (for groups of 10 or more).
Q: How do I make a reservation? A: Call us at 808-348-6120, or email us at (check your junk folder for replies if you don’t see a response in a timely manner). For reservations we do require a non-refundable deposit, this deposit is not an extra fee and will go towards your cost to play.
Q: How much is the deposit? The cost of the deposit varies depending on the size of your group, please callcall or email for more info.
Q: If I don’t have any paintball gear, can I rent equipment? A: Yes! We have the best rental equipment of any paintball field on the island and have everything you need in order to play (not including shoes and clothes).
Q: If I have my own equipment, can I bring it? A: Personal paintball gear is welcome, so long as it meets any applicable safety standards as well as our fields rules such as semi-auto only, speed limit (280FPS), etc.
Q: What should I wear? A: Close-toed shoes are required, NO slippers or bare-feet. Other than that, we highly recommend baggy pants and a long sleeve shirt or light jacket, but you can play in shorts and a T-Shirt or something similar if you’d like.
Q: Can I wear my glasses with the paintball mask? A: That depends on your particular glasses. Some will fit inside the mask, others won’t. If you have contacts, we recommend wearing those instead.
Q: How old do you have to be to play? A: Ages 8+ can play!
Q: How does the pricing work? Is it per game? Per hour? A: Pricing is per person. There’s no time limit on your admission or rental equipment other than our standard operating hours. If you check in at 9:00AM, you’re welcome to stay all the way till 4PM if you’d like. The only limiting factor on time is usually ammo, if you check in at 9:00AM and buy 1,000 paintballs, and you shoot them all by 11:00AM, then you’re either done, or will need to purchase more ammo in order to continue to play.
Q: How much does it cost per person? A: That depends on a few factors, we offer a variety of rental packages and other equipment so it largely depends on what you want to get! The cost ranges from $75 (or $70 with military/veteran ID) for the standard rental package and 500 standard grade paintballs if you just want the basic set-up required to play, up to $142 ($137 with military/veteran ID) if you want to go all out and get the deluxe rental package, a chest protector, rental gloves, and a whole box of 2,000 premium grade paintballs. To view a detailed price list of everything we offer, please click here.
Q: Can I bring paintballs from another field or store? A: No, paintballs must be purchased from Windward Paintball, no outside paint is allowed. This is the standard at all fields on island, and most fields across the country and the industry.
Q: Do you offer group discounts? A: Yes, we do offer group discounts by reservation only, for groups of 10 or more participants. For more info on group discount pricing, please call us at 808-348-6120 or email (don’t forget to check your junk folder for a reply if you don’t see a response in a timely manner)
Q: How many people can play at once? A: There’s no hard limit on how many people can be on the field at once. When we play the entire field, we have the largest single playing course on the island with over an acre and a half of play. The only real limiting factor is how many sets of rental equipment we have at once. For more info please give us a call.
Q: Do you have an area for people who aren’t playing such as parents or friends to sit? A: We have 4x 20 foot by 20 foot tents with shade and picnic benches under them, there are also bleachers along the netting so anyone who isn’t playing can spectate the games.
Q: Can we bring food/drinks? A: Absolutely! You’re welcome to bring food, birthday cake, beverages (no playing paintball under the influence of alcohol) to eat and drink between games or after you’re finished.
Q: Do you take credit card, or cash only? A: We happily take cash or card, including Apple Pay & Android or google pay.
Q: Is there any airsoft at Windward Paintball? A: Currently it is paintball only.
Q: Do you have a store and sell equipment? A: Currently we just have equipment for rent, not for sale.
Q: What is the process like to sign in and play? A: When signing in, the staff will ask what rental package and how much paint you’d like and can answer any questions about the gear, they will also ask to see proof of a waiver being signed (click here to view the waiver). Anyone 18 and over must fill out their own waiver, minors must have their parent or legal guardian fill it out and add them as a dependent. Proof of the waiver being signed must be presented along with ID when checking in. We don’t give out or sell your information. Information collected for waivers are strictly for insurance purposes. Once you’re signed in, one of our staff members will provide a safety briefing for anyone who has not played at our field before. Once the safety briefing is completed, we will hand out your equipment so you can get geared up, then after that we will run games back to back all day with short breaks in between for you to reload, hydrate, and take a quick breather.
Q: What sort of game modes do you have? A: We have a variety of game modes, from “Shoot’em up” to “Capture the flag” to “Domination”, to “Zombies” and more. The staff will explain each game mode before the game begins.
Q: How long are the games? A: Typically about 10 minutes, sometimes longer or shorter depending on the game mode.
Q: How many games do you play in a day? A: 2-3 an hour typically, but it does depend on which game modes we play, and how many people are playing.
Q: Does the paint wash out? A: Yes, the paint should wash out without an issue 99.9% of the time. On rare occasion, depending on the material of the clothes and color of the paint (usually pink paint) there could possibly be a stain. But it’s almost never an issue.
Q: Does it hurt? A: We’re not going to lie to you, it can hurt a bit! Paintball is an extreme sport. But that’s part of what makes it fun and exciting! If it didn’t hurt, it wouldn’t be nearly as exciting and would be more like nerf or laser tag.